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Hi There,

That’s me. One of my kids took this picture last month. That’s how I usually look too. I nearly always have my hair up in a pony tail, or tucked up in a twist. I nearly always wear black, but not because black is more flattering, but because I can’t be bothered to match colours. My entire wardrobe is either black, grey, or black with some more grey. There is the occasional top/shirt/blouse that’s purple, blue, or burgundy, but honestly, I wear the same 6 tops every week.

I began this blog because I’m starting a weight loss, healthier lifestyle challenge. I want to document it so that I remember my trials, tribulations, obsessions, and hopefully enjoyment during this journey. I’ve always wanted to lose weight, but not really. What I mean by that is: I’ve always wanted to have a decent looking body, but I didn’t care enough to do anything difficult to get it. I don’t like exercising, don’t like sweating, don’t like feeling the “burn” and don’t like sports. Starting to see the picture? I didn’t have a bad self-image, I didn’t hate my body, and I didn’t dislike what I saw in the mirror. Basically, I only remembered I was fat when someone pointed it out, or when I had to go clothing shopping.

Things changed when I had my 2nd daughter two years ago. I had gestational diabetes, and it didn’t completely go away. I’ve been seeing my Dr. every 3-6 months for blood tests which are inconclusive. That means that he can’t definitively say that I’m diabetic. Instead, he says that I’m borderline, and that if I don’t lose weight and exercise, I’ll become diabetic in the future. This constant reminder of becoming diabetic made me think long and hard about my health, but still, I didn’t drastically change my lifestyle, or exercise regularly. I actually gained 10 lbs since I began seeing my Dr. for borderline diabetes.

Then I met my friend Reena in 2012. Her blog is here if you want to check it out. In 2013, she got me out walking during the evenings. At the time, I worked in an office and barely left my desk. When it was too cold to walk outside, she came over to do Zumba. You see, I don’t like leaving the house very much either. I like going to restaurants and spas. If I didn’t have kids, I wouldn’t go to parks or do anything outdoorsy.  Reena is an outdoor person though. She has a dog and doesn’t mind being outside, even when it’s cold. I do NOT like it. I do not like the cold, and I do not like sweating. I seriously dislike being moist at all. I’ll probably say this over and over, and you’ll probably say what my 5-year-old says, “you’ve said that already, why are you saying it again?”.

In 2013, my manager told my team that we were going to work from home permanently, so Reena (who conveniently works from home too, and is just down the street) and I started to walk during our lunch breaks, and sometimes did family walks in the evening. I lost 10 lbs. She even pushed me to jog a couple of times. Yeah, we don’t get how we became such good friends. She likes pushing herself, likes being outside, likes being busy, busy, busy, and doesn’t mind holding a baggy with dog poop in it for long stretches of time in intense heat in the summer. All of those things are the opposite of me. I can’t even walk on the side of her that’s holding the dog poop! Then Christmas came, Reena started her Chemo treatments, and I gained most of my weight back.

Last month, my husband’s cousin Patricia Carrera invited me (along with everyone else she knows on Facebook), to a 21 day fix challenge by Beach Body. I’ve never done anything like this, but I figured that I’d try it out. I liked the idea of my husband’s cousin would being my coach, that I’d learn portion control without weighing/calculating, that I’d be able to work out from home, that I’d have 7 different workouts to use, that I’d be held accountable by posting before/after photos, and that I’d be a part of a Facebook group of people who are all doing the challenge. I figured that even if I didn’t lose any weight, I’d still have some fun in the process, and still get some exercise.

I got my kit last Friday (yup, on Valentine’s Day), and this is what it looks like: 21 day fix!


The picture above isn’t mine. When I got my kit, I was so excited that I ripped everything open and washed all the containers. I ripped this picture off from one of the members in Facebook.

Check these videos out for more information:

21 day fix video

Want me as your motivational coach? I’m free 🙂

I also got a month’s supply of Shakeology, just to see if it would help with my cravings.

I’m going to try to take pics of all my meals, but dinner time is so hectic, I might forget those.

Breakfast: Chocolate Shakeology with 1/2 medium frozen banana, 1 tsp peanut butter (I red tub, 1 tsp fat)


2014-02-20 12.18.09

Pan seared extra firm tofu (1 red tub), 5 olives (1 orange tub), radish/red cabbage/red pepper/radish sprouts (2 green tubs), 1 tsp soya sauce, 1 tsp olive oil (some of this was brushed on the tofu for pan searing), 1 tsp sesame seed oil, 1 tsp balsamic vinegar.

Dinner: Beef Stew with rice: 2 red tubs, 3 green tubs, 2 tsp oil