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I feel so sluggish today. Both kids had a cold last week and now it’s my turn. I was tempted to take a sick day, but I always feel guilty taking a sick day when I’m able to sit upright because I work from home.  I really did not want to wake up, much less do a cardio portion of the 21 day fix!

I complained and complained to myself, but I pushed myself to do the Cardio Fix. This is the third time I’ve done the Cardio Fix and there was a noticable diference. I was able to do the entire warm-up including the jumping jacks, and was able to do some of the exercises for 30 seconds before I went down to the modified versions.

I didn’t burn as many calories as I wanted though. The first time I did the Cardio Fix, my average heart rate was 157. This time it was 142. I think it’s because my legs/butt/hips are still recovering from Sunday’s Lower Body Fix so I didn’t push as hard. I haven’t stopped hurting for a week!

Breakfast: Strawberry Shakeology with frozen pear and 1/2 a medium banana (1 red tub, 2 purple tubs).


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Tuna Sandwhich: 2 slices bread (2 yellow tubs), pea shoots (1 green tub), tomato (1 green tub), 1 can tuna (1 red tub), Mayonnaise (2 tsp)

Snack: 10 pistachios (1 blue tub)


Chicken Pesto: Oven baked Chicken (2 red tubs, 1 tsp oil), rice (2 yellow tubs), cauliflower/asparagus/mushroom (3 green tubs), pesto (2 orange tub, 2 tsp oil)