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Couldn’t sleep last night because of this cold. I took nighttime medicine too! Didn’t help that my youngest creeped into my bed at 3 am and slept right up against me even though we had a king sized bed all to ourselves. I’m skipping today work out because of the information I found here. I felt guilty about skipping a work out since there’s only 21 days in the program, and I thought that I was making excuses not to exercise since I don’t like exercising, and other people in my challenge group said that they exercise unless they have fevers…but the expert advice says to lay off exercise because it stresses the body, and your body needs all its energy to fight off the virus. So I’ll eat clean, and rest.


 2014-02-26 08.19.19

Chocolate Shakeology with 1 tsp peanut butter (1 red tub, 1 tsp fat), 1 pinch cinnamon, 1/2 medium banana/mixed frozen berries (2 purple tubs)

My youngest daughter (will be referred to as MYD from now on), loves making my smoothies in the morning. She loves drinking them too!


2014-02-24 11.52.03

Bagel with becel (2 yellow tubs, 1 tsp fat), 5 olives (1 orange tub), carrots/beets/cauliflower with olive oil (1 green tub, 1 tsp fat), pea sprouts (I green tub), 1 can tuna with olive oil (1 red tub, 1 tsp fat).