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It’s been two weeks since I began the 21 Day Fix. My weight has fluctuated so I’m not sure if I’ve lost anything. Last week I was pretty sick so I skipped 2 days of exercise, and skipped a day of eating clean. In those two days, I dropped 7 lbs!! However, when I began exercising again, I gained the 7lbs back! I can’t believe that my body can fluctuate that much in two days.

Today I skipped Autumn’s CD’s. I went back to the Power 90 just to compare how I was 2 weeks ago compared to now. I know in my mind that I shouldn’t care about the scale, that strength, muscle and flexibility are important, and that I should measure success with body measurements, but I can’t stop prioritizing the scale! Anyhow, the difference in what I can do now with the Power 90 Fat burning express CD as opposed to what I could do 2 weeks ago is amazing. I kept hearing Autumn say that everyday our bodies grow stronger, that we gain strength from doing what we thought we couldn’t do, blah blah blah. I believed her, but didn’t REALLY believe that it was happening to me! And guess what, it did! I gained 1 foot in my front and side kicks. 1 FOOT!I still used the modifiers, but I was able to try a lot of the moves without the modifiers. I was able to easily transition from the yoga moves as well. I couldn’t do it perfectly, but who cares! I finally saw how much I had improved my core in just 2 weeks.

Little celebrations of little goals is what’s keeping me going. So, today, I’m patting myself on the back for seeing improvement through the Power 90.