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I’m considering this Monday to be Round 2, week 3 of the 21 Day Fix program.  I got sick a couple of weeks ago and stopped working out, then my entire family got sick and I stopped working out and eating clean. Once everyone got better, I started up with the program again.

I saw a crazy difference in my body when I finished the first round of the program. However, when I was on Round 1 week 1 and 2, I was getting so frustrated that other people in my accountability group were losing so much weight, transforming their bodies so quickly, and I hadn’t lost a pound! In fact, I gained a pound. Jenni (a super active coach in the group) kept telling us to trust the process, to keep going, to be patient. I read the words, and they helped…for all of 2 minutes, and then I’d get worried again. I mean, I was putting in a crap load of effort for very little return. Well, little return in my opinion anyhow. I wanted to drop 100 lbs in 2 weeks, and I wanted chiseled abs damn it!

Now that I’m in Round 2, week 2, (or 59 days into my journey), I can see exactly what the Beach Body forums were telling me. They said things like:

1. you might gain weight in the beginning because you’re holding water to repair your muscles.

2. Your body needs time to adjust to a new “diet” (aka clean eating lifestyle) and exercise regime. It might take your body up to 12 weeks to normalize itself.

3. You might be gaining muscle and replacing fat, so don’t count on the number on the scale. Focus on other non-scale measurements such as flexibility, strength, energy, arms/waist/hip/thigh measurements to see if the program is working.

They were right. My body was “normalizing” (yeah, I’m sure that’s the technical term for it too). I dropped 5 lbs this week. It’s not possible to drop 5 lbs of fat in 5 days, so I’m guessing that while I’m losing fat, I also lost a crap load of water that my body was holding. To sound even more dramatic, I’m noticing this weight-loss on a week where my period is going to begin, and if you’re a woman reading this, you know that this is usually when your weight increases a couple of pounds.

I’m not charting so much anymore as I did with my first 3 weeks. I basically know now that my day will look like this:

Breakfast: Shakeology + blue

Snack: 1 fruit

Exercise then 2 L of water plus leftover Shakeology

Lunch: 3 green, 2 red, 2 yellow, 2 teaspoon, 1 L water

Snack: tea, water, 1 fruit and nuts

Dinner: 3 green, 3 red, 2 yellow, 3 teaspoon, 1 L water

Snack: 1 red

Sleeping time: pee, pee, pee, and pee some more.

My goodness, I peed less when I was pregnant with an 8 pound 6 oz baby!