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body pain

Yep, that’s kind of how I felt after I upped my weights on the 2nd round of the 21 day fix. Well, not THAT bad. Only my knees and elbows hurt, and so I decided to see a personal trainer to check my form.

I went in today for a consult, and found out that my form is pretty good. I needed little tweaks such as pushing my knees away from each other when I squatted, taking longer steps back with my lunges, and not locking my elbows when I used the weights. However, after seeing the studio, and speaking with Ashley (the trainer), I decided to put the 21 day fix on hold, and to train with her.

During the consult, I realized that I didn’t have any goals in place for my weight-loss. I knew I wanted to lose weight, but that was it. So, I laid in bed that night thinking about goals. Here’s what I came up with!

By June 15:

1. I want to learn kickboxing and be comfortable with using my stand up punching bag by myself.

2. I want to do a “real” push up. Not the push ups you do on your knees.

3. I want to lose 15-20lbs.

4. I want to strengthen my back muscles and correct my posture so my shoulders aren’t sagging.


See?? Doesn’t kicking things look fun??