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ate too much That was me on Good Friday. We went to a friend’s house for a birthday party, and I ate way too much shrimp curry with roti. Carb overload! There were chickpeas and potatoes in the dish, PLUS I ate it with Roti. It was delicious, simply delicious, but I paid for it later. I ate other things like baguette, a glass of wine (yes, only one), and a small slice of cake. I haven’t eaten like that in almost three months! I like eating clean, I like how it makes my body feel. I like how I can tell the difference between foods that make me feel lethargic, mentally cloudy, and bloated, and ones that don’t. Every so often I’ll probably have to remind myself about how certain foods make me feel, but that’s just because I have a horrible memory and the attention span of an 8-year-old.