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2014-04-22 13.31.23

This was my post work out lunch.  Today I saw Ashley and we worked my upper body. I love having her train me. Maybe I’m a bit of a masochist, but I like feeling like jello after a workout, and as much as I complain about the pain afterwards, I like it! It’s going to be a sad, sad day when I can’t see her anymore 😦 I’m still on the 21 Day Fix meal plan, and will be on it for many more days to come.

I put this together in 10 minutes, thanks to having tons of leftovers from the past few days. Lettuce, roasted red and yellow peppers, grilled chicken breast, potato/zuchinni/carrot latke’s, topped with tomato salsa. (3 green, 2 red, 2 yellow, 2 tsp).

Latke recipe (these are rough estimates since I don’t use recipes)

Makes about 20 latke’s

Ingredients: (Yes, I love my food processor)

2 medium carrots grated

2 medium zuchinni grated

4 large potatoes grated

4 eggs

2 tbsp flour

coconut oil for pan frying (use your discretion)

salt/pepper to taste


1. Use a cheese cloth or your hands to squeeze out as much liquid from the veggies as possible.

2. Combine, zuchinni, carrots, eggs, potatoes , flour, salt and pepper into a large mixing bowl.

* 3. Let rest for 10 min so the salt will pull more moisture out of the vegetables.

4. Strain liquid (some of the egg will be lost but this is ok).

5. Use a 1/4 cup measuring spoon and pan fry the latke’s on medium high until golden brown.

*You can skip this step and add the flour and begin pan frying.

We ate 3 Latke’s each for dinner. It was topped with a tomato salsa. On the side we had mixed veggies with hummus.  Even though the Latke’s have a lot of veggies in them, I counted 1 medium (1/4 cup) serving as 1 yellow container and .5 tsp of fat. I had enough for two more lunches!!

I’ll post the salsa and the roasted red peppers at another time. I forgot to take pics of them when I made them. The red peppers were from yesterday’s dinner, and the chicken was from 3 days ago. We just grilled up a ton of chicken on the BBQ, so easy. Having clean foods that are cooked and ready to grab has been one of the most important factors with my sticking to eating clean.