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Did that picture make you thirsty? I don’t know why I get thirsty whenever I see clear pouring water like this. If I don’t see it, I don’t “feel” thirsty, but the moment a picture or a commercial comes on with water being poured into a cup, boom, I get thirsty.

I think that drinking enough H2O is a huge problem for me. I’ve heard from somewhere out there, that we’re supposed to drink half our body-weight in water. That a huge amount for me! I can’t imagine how frequently I’d be in the washroom, or if I’d ever leave it for that matter.

hydration 2

A major goal for me this year is to eventually drink half my body-weight in water. I’ll start with 3 liters and work my way up from there. As I lose weight, I’ll get closer and closer to my goal. For now, I have water bottles filled and ready to go everywhere. I have one in my bedroom, the television room,  and in my “office” (which is my basement). Good luck to me! I just don’t like the stuff!