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Yeah, that was me yesterday. I was beaming so much that sunlight came out of my ears! I asked Ashley to push me hard for my hour with her. I knew that today I’d be at the hospital for a while and would miss my window to exercise. So, she did as asked. She kicked my butt. I did my usual upper-body routine, but instead of resting for 1 minute between sets, she added 10 reps of jump squats, and reduced my resting time to 30 seconds. That means, that by the end of my hour at the studio, I ended up doing 120 jump squats! I never would have thought that I’d be able to squat and jump so many times in an hour, AND do strength training at the same time. Goes to show, I can do more than my mind lets me believe. I’m capable of more. For now, I need someone to push me and remind me of this, but there will come a time when I won’t.