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Woke up at 5:30am today because I was tired and fell asleep at 10pm last night! It was great! As a lot of my friends know, I have sleep problems. I wake up frequently at night, and if I actually get out of my bed for whatever reason, it takes me a good 30-60 min to fall back asleep. Sometimes it takes me hours. Last night, was great. My youngest slept through most of the night, and then went back to her room and stayed there until morning! (We’re sleep training her now.)
2014-05-20 17.05.12Meal prepped my protein at dinner time. I figured that since I was cooking chicken for the family anyhow, I might as well throw on ALL the chicken and leftover mushrooms.



2014-05-21 17.56.45

This is what my dinner was. Fish, chicken, mushroom, asparagus, kale, avocado and pea/radish sprouts. I need variety and I keep my fridge stocked. 2014-05-21 17.57.12 V eating her avocado first…of course. 2014-05-21 17.57.02This is S’s plate. She started on the fish first. I’ve been clean eating for about 107 days. (I’m not sure of the exact number.) Little by little, I’ve gotten the kids used to eating the way I do. When they dislike something, either my husband distracts them into eating it with games or challenges, or we remind them to eat it along with something else that they like so that the “disgusting” flavour is hidden. I know that not all kids are like mine, but remember, both my husband and I have been consistent with how we got the to “eating the yucky stuff” since they began solid food.

Today was a good day! It was my rest day but ended up jogging/sprinting with Sofia in the evening while she was on her bike! Too many damn mosquitoes out this year. My calf and quad muscles are TIRED.