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2014-04-27 16.39.50

This was back around April when it was still cold outside.

The kids are planting herbs with Daniel while I exercise.

Let me back up the story a little bit. I started exercising with the 21 Day Fix program from Beach Body in February. I found it hard to exercise before that because I couldn’t seem to fit it into my schedule. I’d get tired in the evenings and not want to exercise after the kids went to bed. I wouldn’t sleep well during the night so I didn’t want to wake up to exercise in the morning. I could exercise during the day during lunch time, but it was cold outside and so I was restricted to exercising in the house. However, I have a nanny, and my daughter only went to school for a half day, which meant…if I exercised at lunch, they’d all be home. See how may excuses I made to NOT exercise?


Then I got the 21 Day Fix, and I worried and tried to plan for the first weekend, because I thought, “when am I going to exercise? We never have time to sit down on the weekend, much less take an hour out to exercise!”  I worked out, I ate well, and that first weekend, I exercised during nap time. Then the 2nd weekend my husband told me that he’d take the kids out after Karate and Gymnastics. Then a couple of weeks later, our daughter began taking her naps in the car so that I could get out and exercise earlier. Then a couple of weeks later I Karate was over and I woke up early and started to work out in the morning. Now, it’s routine. All I have to do is tell my husband when I want to exercise, and he takes the kids. I can’t stress how much his support for my food and my activity has been.

2014-05-18 19.58.17

I know that my kids love being outside. D loves being outside too. We didn’t do much outside because I didn’t like it. I didn’t like sweating, didn’t like moving, didn’t like being out with bugs etc. Now that sweating doesn’t bother me TOO much (don’t get me wrong, I still feel icky) and moving isn’t a big deal, I don’t mind going out. I still mind the bugs, but there’s bug spray for that.  Before, we’d go for walks but I wasn’t happy about it, we’d go to parks but it not frequently, we go out but I’d stress about it. Now, not so much.

We started going out for evening walks again since the weather is nicer and the snow is gone. It’s very different for me because I want to be out on the walk now. My kids end up running or jogging a lot of the time. The kids seem happier too because now I’m jogging/running right beside them. They love beating me in a race, or love being chased. I can’t stress enough how different I feel when I’m playing with them.

These are the kinds of things we do when we’re in the house. Mind you, I don’t do them everyday, but the kids ask me to…quite frequently.

2014-05-01 19.06.22

Sofia and I are trying to do a double plank. This was me after FOUR tries! My youngest kept getting in the picture and I was DYING. One day we’ll get it right!
2014-04-09 08.50.54

This is supposed to work my chest but I mostly feel it in my abs and my quads. It’s not easy keeping your legs up like that while a kid is all wobbly and pushing you down! The arm lift part is a piece of cake compared to what I have to do with my legs. Both kids LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this exercise.

2014-04-06 10.02.36

And this is the killer. S is 51lbs, and V is 41lbs. As any parent knows, when you do one exercise with a child, you HAVE to do the same exercise, the SAME number of times with the other child. V really enjoys the squats, but if you can see by S’s death grip on my head, it’s not comfortable for the adult to have a child on your shoulders who’s freaking out. One day S will stop being afraid, and until then, I hope she stops asking me to do this exercise with her!.

2014-05-19 11.29.14Victoria climbing

2014-05-19 11.18.54-1

Even this past weekend, when we went to see the Tulip Festival. I dressed for a workout, packed all our lunches and snacks, and off we went. At lunchtime, we drove to the Experimental Farm, D fed and played with the kids and I went off for a jog. It was fabulous. It would have been perfect if I hadn’t forgotten my phone, my music, or my earphones. Luckily my friend Cathy was with me and had an extra set of earphones in her car, and I took D’s phone and used his music. Activity is a part of our lives now, and it’s definitely for the better.

Lastly, on the relationship front. We’re not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, we have our ups and downs, we fight and we get pissed off. The clean eating and the exercising has changed me though. D has told me that it has affected me positively, that I’m excited, and he likes it when I’m excited about stuff. I still explode sometimes, still speak my mind, and won’t hold back, but the little things don’t get to me anymore. It’s not that the little things aren’t there, it’s just that they’re not as important as I once thought they were. Maybe it’s because I’m learning about how to be positive, maybe it’s the endorphins, maybe it’s the online groups who are so positive and therefore make me feel positive, maybe it’s because D does things right away when I ask him to or stays outside for hours while I’m putting the kids to bed to fix their bicycles or finds me clean versions of my favourite processed foods, maybe it’s because I’m not so tired, maybe it’s because the sun shines more often than not. Whatever the reasons may be, all I know for sure is that my family are in a much better place than we were in February.