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My eating was pretty darn good today. I saw Ashley today. Sometimes when people are good at their job, I forget that they know what they’re doing and start to think that I might know better. She got me to do an upper body exercise with a machine (which has a name that I will never remember) and I thought that Ashley was underestimating my strength. I thought the weight was easy, didn’t feel a big burn in my first two sets, and so I asked her to increase the weight by one notch. She looked at me funny, as she does when she thinks I’m saying something stupid, and increased the weight. I could barely get in 7 reps. TOO heavy! Anyhow, that was the 2nd or 3rd exercise we did, so I shut my mouth from then on.

Victoria had her first dental appointment today!

2014-05-27 10.01.23

I love doing the “firsts” with the kids. It was actually Sofia’s appointment, and I just wanted V to see how a dental cleaning was, but she was interested and so the hygienist got her on the table and did a cleaning. V was proud of herself, she couldn’t stop smiling. I love that my kids love to go to the dentist and to the doctor!

I ate a lot of turkey today. For lunch (I forgot to take the picture because I was so hungry I just scarfed it down as soon as I made it) I had red cabbage, spinach, basil, turkey burgers (homemade of course), and rice.

Daniel had to work late tonight so since I was on my own, I made an easy chow-fan for the kids, and I had this:

2014-05-27 17.03.06

Turkey patties, swiss chard, radish sprout, shredded cabbage, hummus.

I love Tuesdays…well, every other Tuesday to be exact! Every other Tuesday is when we get the delivery from Bryson Farms. I love opening up the bags to see what new veggie we got. Today had swiss chard and radish sprouts. The cabbage was from 2 weeks ago. I…love…shredded…cabbage. The turkey was from Bearbrook Farms. While both of these farms are terrific, Bearbrook Farms has amazing customer service, Bryson Farms is so-so. Hmm, maybe I’ll do a review on them individually at some point.

Anyhow, since Daniel worked late tonight, things kind of moved faster in the house than usual. That gave me about 45 extra minutes to foam roll! Man, do I need it. My shoulders are TIGHT! Also I got to play with the girls in the bedroom before bedtime. Usually D does the bedtime routine and then I run up to put the kids to bed. Anyhow, Sofia was playing with my camera and got this cute little picture.

2014-05-27 19.41.32Since S is only 5, V and I had to hold this pose for 20+ seconds. I know you can’t see it, but V was about to spit in my face from holding in a laugh. She thought it was hilarious to keep our faces so close to each other for so long!

Kids, they make the simplest things fun.