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happiness is an inside jobToday was a bit of a challenge. A mental challenge. I hadn’t had a good cardio work out since Sunday (it’s Friday today), I did weights twice, and on one of those days, I took lots of breaks and couldn’t continue because of my damn shoulder. I felt like this month was going to suffer and that I wasn’t going to achieve my goal. There was other personal crap going on and I let “things” get to me.

I got dressed for my jog, made my shake (yum), and then started working. I had nearly convinced myself NOT to go for the jog. I said things like:

1. You’re not going to hit your goal this month anyhow, so what’s one extra day of rest.

2. Your shoulder is hurting and Ashley killed your quads yesterday so maybe you should rest.

3. You’re tired.

4. There’s a lot of sun outside.

5. I just don’t feel like it.

make a choice happy or not

What I could have said to myself, and what I have been saying to myself for the past 3.5 months is:

1. You definitely won’t hit your goal if you don’t work out.

2. Massage ball your shoulder area to loosen it up and then stop in the middle of the jog if needed to stretch the quads.

3. Try a different sunscreen (we have 3 types).

4. When you don’t feel like exercising, that’s the time when you should exercise. You’ll feel better afterwards.

may 30And you know what? I did. I felt really good afterwards, and I still feel good! I’m glad I went 🙂