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A friend came over late on Friday and so I went to bed a lot later than I had planned. I was planning a weekly meal plan for a friend who is sensitive to corn, wheat, gliadin (soluble gluten), casein, egg whites, yeast…well you get the picture. It sucks for her. So, since I kinda know about food, I created a rough 5 day meal plan to get her eating foods that don’t have the listed ingredients. It’s not about losing weight, eating the right portions or even eating clean right now, it’s just about subtracting the offensive foods.

toso malbec regular

Anyhow, I was all excited making the meal plan when another friend called and decided to come over. Since I was going to go on my “no sugar challenge” on Sunday, I decided to have a glass of my favourite wine. Well, my used to be favourite wine. I’m not quite sure whether I like wine anymore.





toso limited editionAlso, when I drank these wines, I had no idea they were from Argentina. I don’t usually look at names of the wines, I just like ones that aren’t offensive to my mouth!

Wow, that was a long winded summary of Friday night eh?






I really didn’t want to go for a jog. The sun felt so strong, and the path I usually take has no relief from the sun. So, I tried doing some spinning (my husband has a spinning bike), but bikes always hurt my butt. Like really hurt my butt. All I could think of was how much my butt hurt!

bikes hurt


So I stopped spinning after 10 minutes and found a Tae Bo Amped up thing on Youtube. Now THAT’S intense. I was sweating like a pig by the end of it. The video is probably really old, but I think they do a lot better stretches than the 21 Day Fix. Beach Body rushes through their stretches. I don’t get why since stretching is so very important.

2014-05-31 13.15.14 2014-05-31 13.16.12 2014-05-31 13.15.26









When I finished exercising, we had pizza! Yep, Saturday lunch was my cheat day. I figured I better get in some sausage, tomato sauce, and bread while I could since my “no sugar challenge” was starting on Sunday. Then I put my daughter to bed and BOOM! I fell asleep too. Freaking, lovely, delicious, carb and fat filled pizza. It really did a number on me! It was sooo good though. So. Very. Yummy.

Cheers pizza,