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Can’t say that I’m a person who likes dessert. However, if there’s a pretty dessert in front of me, I’ll eat it.

Day 4 of the No Sugar Challenge isn’t going so bad. I ordered some turkey bacon from Bearbrook Farms. I called and asked if their “spices” included sugar. It did not. Then I asked if their turkey bacon contained sugar (just to see if different people were going to give consistent answers), and they said it didn’t! Snack time will be 2 strips of turkey bacon! I can’t speak to the amount of sodium I’m eating with the bacon, but hey, I like having savoury snacks more than sweet ones anyhow. Not much to say about today other than being happy to have turkey bacon.


motivation choice


My meals are pretty much the same everyday. That’s not to say that I eat the same foods everyday, but I eat the same quantity of Macros at every meal and snack. Did I just sound smart there? Ha! Well, I chalk it up to Ashley. She taught me what a Macro is. I kind of grill her for information at every session.

Back to what I was saying, my meals/snacks are generally the same, my exercises are generally the same, I’ve cut out sugar this past week, but I don’t feel any different! I say all this because, for some reason, I am NOT motivated at all to exercise. I’m ok with the eating, but not the exercising. I was a bit sick on Monday so I didn’t exercise, Tuesday was GRUELLING to get my butt out of the house and see Ashley, then today…oh my gosh today…I was about to skip my workout again. Luckily the support I got on Facebook gave me the oomph I needed to at least get my shoes on and get outside. Then Reena found me and got me jogging. I probably would have done 1k of walking and then headed home. We ended up walk/jogging for 2.3K. Not bad.

Another person on Facebook suggested that I wasn’t resting properly. I’m waiting for his response to my “how can I rest more effectively?”. What I want to hear from him is, “Take a week off, you’ll recharge and feel better.”  I’m keeping my fingers crossed 😛

Maybe it’s as simple as just needing to mix things up a bit. I need a new program, a new exercise regime, or a new path for jogging.

Oh, and I’m hungry. VERY hungry. My meal plan hasn’t changed. Tomorrow is my last session and we’ll deal with the meal plan. I’ve added veggies in my breakfast, fat in my morning snack,  and protein at dinner. There’s no rhyme or reason for adding these things. It’s just what I felt like eating the past 3 days.