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I think I have to re-evaluate my eating plan. I originally posted that I was going to follow Ashley’s eating plan for 40 days…hence the Day 16/40. I’ll still continue on for the next 2 weeks, but really, this is just the way I eat now. I don’t see myself changing it up much. I might add in some yum foods now and again, but her meal plan was basically a reorganization of my macros. I don’t feel deprived of anything.

As for the No Sugar Challenge. I did it last week, and wanted to continue on for the next two weeks…hence the Day 5/14. I’m giving it up on Saturday. I’ll complete my this week, but then that’s it. It’s not too challenging, it’s not that I crave sugar. It’s just that I’m realizing that I hardly eat sugar anyhow and I don’t see any reason to cut out what little sugar I actually do eat i.e. in my soya sauce or oyster sauce. I made a creme caramel for the family two days ago and didn’t even want to lick the spoon.

That’s that, about that.