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 It’s been 3 weeks (I think) since I fell off the wagon. I can’t choose one reason why it happened since there were so many of them.

I still ate relatively well, still portioned, still stayed away from carbs in the evening, and generally followed Ashley’s meal plan, but my exercise was sporadic and half-assed. I didn’t want to do cardio. That’s the long an end of it. I appeased myself by telling myself, “at least you didn’t skip strength training!”, but everyone knows, that cardio has to be a part of the plan. Now, while I didn’t WANT to do cardio, and I couldn’t find a type of cardio that I WANTED to do, that didn’t mean that I did zero cardio. I tried all my DVD’s out…and multiple times. I did the P90 sweat and cardio, did Zumba Core, and did Just Dance 4. I also went swimming at the local community center a few times in-between. Each week I struggled with cardio though.

motivation exercise


Then I turned to my fabulous FB support group. Seriously, these women are Fantastic. I don’t know why I thought I could get back into a routine by myself.

A little background here: I started this facebook group for people who have a lot of weight to lose or who have lost a lot of weight. There was a short period of time where I felt like this group wasn’t helping me the way I needed or wanted to be helped, but then I realized that I had fallen back into my negative way of thinking, and was blaming the group for something that was really, my own problem. The group really is helpful, the members are encouraging, and most of all they’re motivating. My problem was that I stopped interacting with them, I made statements with my posts, but I didn’t ask for help. 

attitude about the problem

A couple of weeks ago I talked to my BFF who’s pretty damn fit. She’s getting back into exercising also and we joined up on MFP (My Fitness Pal). I started to see her posts there and I started to feel motivated again! Still, that didn’t mean that I began exercising regularly.

A week ago I started posting more in my FB group and finally yesterday I talked about how I fell off the wagon and was having difficulty getting back on. The girls rallied and created a challenge group. We as a group figure out for how long we were going to do the challenge, what we should post about daily, what our clear and detailed personal goals are, and what programs/exercises we’ll be using. It was great! Now, I feel like I’m back on track. I did my exercise for the day and I’ve eaten clean thus far.  I’m not thinking about what my next exercise is, not thinking about whether I can skip today’s cardio and do yoga instead. Nope, the plan is mapped and I don’t have to do a bit of thinking.

panda hug

So, thanks online support Facebook group, this post is for you!